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Build Brand Appreciation With

Swag Boxes!

Swag boxes can be customized entirely to provide your company with the ideal promotional items! Perfect for gifts, employee rewards, customer appreciation, etc.  

1. Pick Items

View our catalog of items and select your items of choice.

2. Send In Logo

Send us your logo or artwork to our design team.

3. Mock-ups

We will then send you mock-ups of your branded items.

4. Place Order

Once the mock-ups have been approved, your order will be placed.

What's Included in a Swag Box?

  • Your chosen swag

  • High-quality branded packaging

  • Products are all hand packed and branded

  • Shipped right to your door


Why a Swag Box?

Swag boxes are the perfect way to show appreciation while building brand awareness. They are the perfect promotional package

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